Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Interesting Pasta Lunch!

I've been a food slacker the last few days. Been cooking on the "let's make some space in the cabinets!" plan, so that tends to lead to pretty pedestrian stuff. Heh.

At any rate, I had a really interesting lunch today.

I went to Leo's Coney Island in Grand Blanc, MI, and I had a Pasta Greek Salad and Lemon Rice Soup.

Why is this interesting?

I have tried to take things that are traditionally salads, and turn them into pasta salads, and always failed.

Pasta Greek salad takes all the things you know about Greek salads - olives, feta cheese, beets, and the rest...and puts them on pasta. It worked suprisingly well! I couldn't stop eating it! The dressing was good, not to vinegary, the vegetables were fresh, and the noodles were soft. And I know that seems like a weird thing to say, but I've got a favorite restaurant where I can't order the pasta, because they leave it just a little north of al dente. Eesh. I know that it's supposed to stick to your teeth, but really?

Anyway, I'm all off track. Heh.

The Lemon Rice soup? I don't know why I keep trying. Lemon just isn't an appealing soup flavor! And I keep thinking it's going to get better, and it's just not! I need to stop!

Leo's Coney Island, for the note, is a good place. Good food, fast service, reasonable prices (I didn't see anything on the menu over $10). Recommended, for sure!

Now, having had the pasta greek salad, I TOTALLY want to copy the recipe! :)

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